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Midterm exam prep for history essay

Middle Passageslaves going from Africa to the West IndiesNavigation Acts-gave Great Britain control of Colonial trade so they could make more money -Important because the colonies begin to question British rulecolonial plantation economy-New England Colonies: small farms, use what they grow -Southern Colonies: large farms, sell what they growsalutary neglectBritish policy in early 1700s which allowed the colonies virtual self-rule midterm exam prep for history essay as long as Great Britain was gaining economicallymercantilismthe efforts to export more than they importEnlightenmentnew beliefs about science; began questioning excepted midterm exam prep for history essay about scienceFrench and Indian War-colonists have a common enemy in the French and the Native Americans -trading partners and similar lifestyles -British and colonists win -British get all land from the colonies all the spoken language transcript essays to the Mississippi River -British have to pay for the war, so they raise the taxes on the colonists -Proclamation of 1763 is passed -Colonists now feel betrayed and start to question British rule once againGreat Awakeningthink different ways about religious beliefsStono Rebellion-the slaves rebelled bc they believe if they reach Spanish controlled Florida, Spanish will give then freedom (Spanish are at war with English) -SC slaves attempted to escape -fail and get executed -important bc the colonists make the Negro Act to prevent another rebellion and restrict freedomLoyalist vs.

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