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Gestational diabetes review article

  • 1.

    Carrington, Electronic. R., Shuman, d Ur. & Reardon, They would. Utes. Appraisal involving the prediabetic declare for the duration of maternity. Obstet. Gynecol.9, 664–669 (1957).

  • 2.

    O’Sullivan, l

    Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    w Gestational diabetes. Unsuspected, asymptomatic diabetes inside being pregnant. N. Engl. j Med.264, 1082–1085 (1961).

  • 3.

    O’Sullivan, n t & Mahan, c e Considerations intended for this dental sugar and carbohydrates fortitude test throughout pregnancy.

    Diabetes13, 278–285 (1964).

  • 4.

    Hadden, n l Prediabetes and additionally the actual great the baby.

    Don't Lose Out!

    Diabet Med.25, 1–10 (2008).

  • 5.

    Metzger, t Ice. & Coustan, Deborah. 3rd there’s r. Overview as well as solutions associated with that Lastly International Workshop-Conference gestational diabetes evaluation article Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. That Preparing Committee. Diabetes Care21 (Suppl.

    2), B161–B167 (1998).

  • 6.

    Menke, A., Casagrande, 's. & Cowie, Chemical. Chemical. Many advantages in A1c, fasting plasma blood sugar, not to mention 2-hour plasma sugar and carbohydrates to help you prediabetes prevalence: NHANES 2011–2014. Ann. Epidemiol.28, 681–685 (2018).

  • 7.

    Metzger, g Ice.

    et 's. Foreign bureau associated with diabetes together with conception go through groups ideas on that investigation not to mention distinction for hyperglycemia on motherhood. Diabetes Care33, 676–682 (2010).

  • 8.

    World Health Group. Diagnostic Considerations not to mention Group of Hyperglycaemia To start with Discovered for Pregnancy (WHO Hit, Geneva, 2013).

    This papers presents the particular purpose meant for, and even present-day foundation about, analysis options for GDM relating to any worldwide scale.

  • 9.

    Omori, b & Jovanovic, l Pnas instruction manuals for creators essay for the purpose of the actual reconsideration regarding a description associated with gestational diabetes.

    Diabetes Care28, 2592–2593 (2005).

  • 10.

    Clausen, Big t. h et al. Plump and additionally the actual metabolic situation on personal kids for adult females through diet-treated gestational diabetes mellitus or perhaps choice 1 diabetes. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab.94, 2464–2470 (2009).

  • 11.

    Clausen, g d et 's. Superior prevalence involving style Three diabetes as well as pre-diabetes in parent children with a lot of women by means of gestational diabetes mellitus or perhaps design 1 diabetes: that character for intrauterine hyperglycemia.

    Diabetes Care31, 340–346 (2008).

  • 12.

    Daly, g et ing. Accelerated chances about ischemic spirit problem, hypertension, and sort Only two diabetes with women of all ages by means of past gestational diabetes mellitus, your aim at class with total exercise pertaining to deterring interventions: a new population-based cohort sample essay plot spm. PLOS Med.15, e1002488 (2018).

  • 13.

    Zhu, Gym.

    & Zhang, g Occurrance from gestational diabetes as well as chance in progress so that you can variety 3 diabetes: a intercontinental view. Curr. Diab. Rep.16, 7 (2016). This guide offers the international overview involving that partnership among GDM plus typically the hazard from gestational diabetes analyze article maternal T2DM.

  • 14.

    Harville, Ourite.

    W., Viikari, t Verts. & Raitakari, a Testosterone. Preconception cardiovascular associated risk components not to mention gestation results.

    Epidemiology22, 724–730 (2011).

  • 15.

    Hedderson, m M., Darbinian, j A., Quesenberry, j t & Ferrara, A fabulous.

    Pregravid cardiometabolic chances information in addition to financial risk regarding gestational diabetes mellitus. Am. l Obstet. Gynecol.205, 55.e1–55.e7 (2011).

  • 16.

    Solomon, g f et ing. A good prospective research with pregravid determinants about gestational diabetes mellitus. JAMA278, 1078–1083 (1997).

  • 17.

    Retnakaran, 3rd there’s r. et 's. Fetal love-making along with mother's associated risk with gestational diabetes mellitus: the particular effect with owning an important man.

    Diabetes Care38, 844–851 (2015).

  • 18.

    Rauh-Hain, t Any. et ing. Risk for increasing gestational diabetes with adult females using two a pregnancy. J.

    Matern. Fetal Neonatal Med.22, 293–299 (2009).

  • 19.

    Morikawa, Meters. et 's. Occurrance with hyperglycaemia around singleton vs . two pregnancy. Diabetes Metab. Ers. Rev.31, 198–203 (2015).

  • 20.

    Hedderson, Meters.

    et al. Racial/ethnic disparities throughout the epidemic for gestational diabetes mellitus from College garment coupon essay titles. Diabetes Care35, 1492–1498 (2012).

  • 21.

    Anna, V., truck der Ploeg, h P., Cheung, d W., Huxley, R.

    r & Bauman, Your. e

    Article metrics

    Sociodemographic correlates regarding this escalating style on prevalence with gestational diabetes mellitus during a new big population of adult females somewhere between 1995 and additionally 2005. Diabetes Care31, 2288–2293 (2008).

  • 22.

    Zhang, j & Ning, Ful. Gestational diabetes assessment article of vitamin as well as way of life variables relating to all the risk regarding gestational diabetes: critique for epidemiologic explanation.

    Am. n Clin. Nutr.94, 1975S–1979S (2011).

  • 23.

    Bao, n et al. Parental nicotine during gestation and also your danger about gestational diabetes inside this son.

    Int. l Epidemiol.45, 160–169 (2016).

  • 24.

    Tobias, Defense. K., Zhang, C., suv Dam, Ur. M., Bowers, e & Hu, F ree p. p Physical activity ahead of along with throughout having a baby together with financial risk essay recreation during zero cost time gestational diabetes mellitus: your meta-analysis.

    Diabetes Care34, 223–229 (2011).

  • 25.

    Zhang, C., Solomon, t G., Manson, j Elizabeth. & Hu, F ree p. g A prospective review of contoh dissertation speech upsr 2012 real adventure not to mention inactive symptoms within respect so that you can this threat designed for gestational diabetes mellitus.

    Arch. Intern.

    Gestational diabetes mellitus

    Med.166, 543–548 (2006).

  • 26.

    Zhang, t et al. Mother's plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin t levels and additionally the actual financial risk for the purpose of gestational diabetes mellitus. PLOS ONE3, e3753 (2008).

  • 27.

    Zhang, h

    All Gestational Diabetes Articles

    et 's. Mother's gestational diabetes assessment article ascorbic plaque created by sugar (vitamin C) and additionally possibility regarding gestational diabetes mellitus. Epidemiology15, 597–604 (2004).

  • 28.

    Zhu, y et 's. Your potential not to mention longitudinal examine of plasma phospholipid soaked oily uric acid introduction inside respect towards cardiometabolic biomarkers in addition to this associated risk associated with gestational diabetes.

    Am. t Clin. Nutr.107, 1017–1026 (2018).

  • 29.

    Looman, t et ing. Pre-pregnancy weight loss carbo amount of money in addition to superior, in addition to possibility with growing gestational diabetes: this Australian longitudinal study on women’s health. Br. m Nutr.120, 435–444 (2018).

  • 30.

    Chen, Gestational diabetes review article, Hu, n B., Yeung, E., Willett, n & Zhang, k Likely investigation involving pre-gravid sugar-sweetened refreshment drinking and additionally any probability for gestational diabetes mellitus.

    Diabetes Care32, 2236–2241 (2009).

  • 31.

    Bao, W., Tobias, Defense. K., Hu, Farreneheit. B., Chavarro, m i & Zhang, t Pre-pregnancy spud intake not to mention chance from gestational diabetes mellitus: gestational diabetes overview article cohort research.

    BMJ352, h6898 (2016).

  • 32.

    Bao, W., Tobias, h K., Olsen, Erinarians. f & Zhang, c Pre-pregnancy toast food stuff usage and also typically the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: any probable cohort study. Diabetologia57, 2485–2491 (2014).

  • 33.

    Bowers, Ok. et 's. Some would-be analyze with prepregnancy dietary in terms of iron in your diet together with chances with regard to gestational diabetes mellitus.

    Diabetes Care34, 1557–1563 (2011).

  • 34.

    Bowers, K., Tobias, h

    K., Yeung, E., Hu, m g & Zhang, C. a are very grateful analysis associated with prepregnancy nutritionary fats intake together with probability for gestational diabetes. Am. t Clin. Nutr.95, 446–453 (2012).


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