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Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science holden caulfield phony essay writing move on to the next phase of their life sometimes we start to say you know Who am I where do I fit into this world how what's next for me how am I going to survive and all this - all these questions that they may have about who they are you know and so I wanted to take Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 5 and and look at it and break it down to see what when God was calling Jeremiah who was a young man at the time was essay about putting lot him into the ministry that to do the work as a prophet for the Lord and because I don't know what Jeremiah was doing prior to this but whatever it was it changed his life and you know God has a purpose and a plan I'll talk about this in a little bit for all of us but the thing about it is sometimes we may be older on another path different than what God wants us and then tips when writing an essay starts to pull us over and we start to say oh I like my life just the way it is I like everything the way it is I'll give you when I got called into the ministry I thought it for about a year and a half or so because I was new into faith and everything I had been a Christian too long and I had my own place I had my own lifestyle I had everything I wanted to do and everything and and I had my own my old routine I did I could tell you right now like almost an hour whatever I was doing because I had everything set to where one and then God was calling me and tugging and I I didn't at first I'm like no not me there's no way you know because of Who I professional statement resume who I was and everything then as it got stronger and as I began to pray about it and think about it I was convinced that God had called me into the ministry and I had to sell everything I had and give all that Asadata dafora essay had away and then left 8th grade math assignments go off to school after I announced that I was called into the ministry so anyway what I was getting at is there's one path you may be on but God may want you over here and and so you know follow the Lord and as you follow the Lord you. Will see that his path is it may not be easy but it's worth it it's always worth it and following the Lord and Jeremiah a little bit after Jeremiah was calling they counted the weeping prophet he was out and and and he was imprisoned and all this stuff and he weak for his people and and he had a burden for him because God flight by john steinbeck analysis essay called him and changed his heart changes my everything and so here he was out you know for tell the truth they put into prison everything so he's life wasn't easy but it was worth it define cinquain essay we following the Lord and everything so Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 5 he says before before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you were born I constant consecrated you I have appointed you a prophet to the nation's then I said my last Lord God behold I do not know how to speak because I am youth but the Lord said to me do not always do not say I am youth because everywhere I send you I shall go and all that I command you you shall speak do not be afraid of them for I.

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