Why I am So Impressed With the Entire Wizzley Team

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Wizzley Write Articles Earn MoneyLast year, in the wake of the Panda changes, a new website was born called Wizzley.  Wizzley was created by three people that I knew from Squidoo, Achim “Chef Keem” Thiemermann, Anne Corcino, alias nightowl, and Ron Passfield, and two young German developers, Simon Steinberger  and Hans Braxmeier, who I didn’t know, but who had previously created PageWizz, a German site.

The idea behind Wizzley was to take the best parts of other article sites like Squidoo and Hubpages, and create a new site that would be viable after Panda, and would be easy to use for publishers and readers, and have excellent technology behind it.  I was lucky enough to get on Wizzley before the site went public, and when I was first making my way around Wizzley, there were plenty of bugs, and German phrases floating around.  Right from the start, I was impressed by the priorities the Wizzley team had to keep the site highly functional, and fast, while taking care of problems literally in a wiz.

Wizzley is about 9 months old now, and has really taken off from its promising beginning.  In their most recent development, Wizzley has implemented something that members of Squidoo and Hubpages have asked for years ago, which is access to other affiliate programs beyond Amazon and Ebay.  Wizzley has done this by partnering with VigLink, an affiliate distributor that works with many of the large retailers that are familiar as household names.

Wizzley is still in its infancy.  It is not even one year old.  However, if they keep progressing at the rate they have been, there is no question that they will continue to be a leader in the online publishing field.  One of the main reasons that Wizzley has been so successful is the fact that the Wizzley team actually listens to their membership.  They want to retain a high quality publisher team, and to keep them, they are taking suggestions, keeping out the spammers, and working to keep the quality of the articles on the site high.

Simon and Hans have been extremely responsive to developmental issues and bugs.  They do not do everything that is suggested, but they do tell people why if they don’t.  ChefKeem is the public face of the staff, keeping an eye on the articles, and the forum.  And Anne, is a serene moderating presence in the forums and in tutorials.  At this time, Ron has not been taking an active role.

Because of the team behind Wizzley, the site is attracting experienced publishers, who do not have to taught how to write online.  Many of the publishers are experienced authors from several other sites, which means that they jump on the news and changes so fast, it is incredible.  If you have been waiting to see how Wizzley does, I would say, don’t wait any more.  This site is here to stay, and it is a lot of fun.  And not only that, members are already making money.

I do not think that I can say enough good things about the team behind Wizzley.  I am just glad to have the opportunity to work with them each and every day, and to see where their agile minds are taking us.

Article Name
Why I am So Impressed With the Entire Wizzley Team
Last year, in the wake of the Panda changes, a new website was born called Wizzley.


  1. Profile photo of AJ says

    Yes, this just HAD to be said Paula. I felt so honored when we, and Bev, were asked to Beta Test the test before the doors were opened and the minute I landed on there I could feel that it was a site I would be proud to be part of.

    I know how hard our friends are working to keep the site clean and quality and I appreciate everything they are doing.

    And yes, the fact that the Wizzley team also work hard at staying in touch with the members counts for a lot too :)

  2. says

    I’d like to second everything that you’ve said here, but also add something.

    You’ve mentioned the experienced on-line writers, like yourself, but I can add testimony from the other end of the scale. I’ve been writing for years, but not on-line. I only started that less than seven months ago, with the bulk of that learning curve taking place on Suite101.

    Less than two months ago, I came to Wizzley and it’s been an absolute treasure trove of learning. The people are not only welcoming, but pro-active too. The team and other writers alike are very enthusiastic and they will step in, if they spot you making ‘noob’ mistakes. I’ve been encouraged every step of the way. Also, despite my inexperience, my own suggestions have been listened to.

    It feels like a big family there, which makes writing a lot of fun. I’ve already started making money with Chitika and I’m getting a lot of hits. My articles are ranking highly in search engines too. What more do you need?

    • Profile photo of AJ says

      So pleased that your Wizzley experience is so positive Jo :)

      But I would like to pick up on something you said about being listened to, eventhough you are relatively new to the site….my view is that it doesn’t matter whether you are new or more well known. Everyone has a positive contribution to make and sometimes it takes people with a fresh approach or fresh pair of eyes to kick some us out of the habits we may be getting into without realising :)

    • Profile photo of Paula Atwell says

      It is good to hear another point of view. I think that the Wizzley team has done an excellent job of listening to the writers, and yet sticking to their principles and goals. While they cannot please everyone, at least we know that they are interested in what we have to say, and consider all sides before they make decisions.

      It is also great that you feel comfortable on the site, and that you are progressing with both knowledge, and income as someone who is newer as an online writer.

  3. Profile photo of dustytoes says

    Excellent article Paula about a wonderful writing site. Although I do not make the bulk of my income from writing online, I have found that I can not stay away from Wizzley. The forum is so helpful and everyone is kind and knowledgeable. It is a great place to learn to become a better writer and as you’ve said, many people are already making money. I look forward to what Viglink will do for us now.
    Wizzley is different, in a very good way.

  4. says

    Thank you for your kind words and accurate assessment of our venture, Paula. :)
    We feel extremely honored by the influx of more and more top-quality writers (like yourself).
    We value our staff/members relationship above everything else because none of us would be successful without the other. Wizzley is us…ALL of us.

    Love ya,

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