More Tips For Getting Traffic To Your New Blog

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We have been discussing, in the last few weeks, tips for getting traffic to a beginner’s blog. We have discussed starting on a multi-user site like Writing Online. We have discussed how a passion for the topic and adding new content on a regular basis helps by boosting you up in the SERPS (search engine result pages) so that people can find you. So, what else did I do in the beginning to get new traffic to my blog?

I told my friends and family about my blog and how proud I was (and still am) of it. If we were talking in person, I wrote down the url for the blog so that they could check it out. I also added the url to my e-mail signature. No matter who I was sending an e-mail to or what the topic might be of my email, the recipient was given a link to my blog. It was subtle just under my name but I do believe it helped me get new traffic in the beginning.

So, basically what I am suggesting in this week’s tip is to “advertise” your blog. Let the people in your life know about your new endeavor. It doesn’t cost anything to talk about it nor does it cost you anything to place a link into your email letters. Tell people you come in contact with on a daily basis about your new blog, they just might be interested and check it out. You can make simple little business cards with the url on them with your computer. They don’t have to be anything fancy to begin with. If you are following my advice about being on a multi-user site, your url is going to be a long one. I suggest that you make just a few to pass out to people when they show interest. It is easier than them trying to remember a long url. You can make new ones when you run out.

A simple little tip that just might bring you traffic that you might not have gotten if you didn’t spread the word to the very people who are rooting for you to succeed.

Check in with me next week for another tip for getting traffic to your beginner blog…

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