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Today in the series on a beginners blog, I want to revisit a topic that we lightly touched on earlier in the series. Image credit has always been the correct thing to do but it has not always been done properly. There has been a huge push, of late, with different platforms insisting that all images be credited properly. Some platforms are even taking down articles when it is found that the images used have no link to the source. So, this is a topic that needs to be stressed to the beginning blogger.

My husband had asked where he could find images to put in his blog. I gave him some ideas of where to look for those images and mentioned that he should always make sure that he did the proper image credit for them. In the post What about images? I only took a few lines to mention copyright infringement and explained about places to find legal images to use.

Where that post fell short was a good explanation on what to do to give the image credit to the person who allowed you to use their image. The easiest way is to use a hyperlink to the page where you found the legal image and also a hyperlink to any license that may be attached to the image. Since my friend, AJ, has so eloquently explained the exact process for the different ways to give an image credit on your article or blog post, I will direct you to her article: How To Credit an Image. Be sure to read it thoroughly and even bookmark it so that as you start your beginners blog you can reference her excellent directions on how to give each image credit that you use. It is an important practice and is becoming more important with old rules now being more stringently enforced.


  1. Profile photo of AJ says

    Yes Bev, crediting images and how to do it can be confusing to the new blogger. But if you take the attitude that a credit is usually the norm for any image being used with permission, then it wont take long before it becomes a reflex action that you don’t even think about.

    However, what we also have to remember is that while the law does not require certain images to be credited (Public Domain for example), the owners of individual sites have every right to ask their members to credit even Public Domain Images.

    Sadly, this has been forced on us by those people who steal images and by crediting the images it makes it easier to police the sites for illegal images.

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