Beginners Blog: How do I find links?

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The last question in the Beginners Blog Questions series is not all that easy to answer because the method will be so different for each person but I’ll give it a go.

How do I find links?

I am assuming that my husband means places to link to and also ones that might link to his blog. One of the easiest things to do is to do a search in Google or your search engine of choice and find sites that are about the same topic or have some sort of connection to your topic. If you like the site and it has relevance to your blog, put a link on your blog. They might decide to give you a link, too. Do not be too upset if they don’t link back as it would be considered a reciprocal link and wouldn’t carry much weight with the search engines anyway. Keep you outgoing links relevant to your general topic, that is the most important thing.

As for getting links to your blog from other sites, that can get a little trickier. You can certainly ask a website or blog owner to link to you but it doesn’t mean that they will.  See if there are blogs that you could offer to do a guest post on and in your post place a link back to your blog. Many times that can be done easily by putting it in a little blurb telling who you are. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others by building a relationship with people who are interested in your topic. Many times they will link back to your site in one of their posts if they like what you have shared with them.

You can also write articles in different spots around the internet with a short little piece that links back to your blog. One place would be Pro-Articles.

It takes some time to generate links from outside sources to your blog. One important thing to remember is that the search engines like Google would rather see a natural progression of links instead of hundreds done in a day. So take your time, build them slowly, let as many as you can occur naturally.

This post concludes my series on Questions for a Beginners Blog. I hope you have enjoyed it and learned a few things.

Next week, I will begin a short series giving tips on how to build a following with your blog.

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