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Continuing in the series on a Beginners Blog, I wanted to talk to you today about one way of getting new readers to your blog. It is difficult when you first start out to get a following. Even when you have studiously done your keyword research and written some down right awesome content. It takes a little while for the Search Engines to find you and place you in the search results for your topic.

You have contacted every friend and family member you can think of to read your beginners blog but the traffic is still just not where you want it to be. What can you do? We talked earlier in the series about a few things you can do to promote your blog and you should continue to do those activities on a regular basis.

A very good way to get new readers is to find someone who is also considered an authority on your topic and ask them to do a “guest post”. “What!”, you are saying. “You want me to go to a competitor on my topic and let them write on my blog! Have you lost your mind, girl?” Nope (well maybe but not about this suggestion). It is done quite often, actually and it won’t have to be an actual competitor. Find someone who fits into your category in a certain way but approaches the topic in a different manner.

Let’s pretend that the topic of your beginner blog is collecting “mantiques” (that is an affectionate term for manly kinds of antiques like Gas Pumps, Tractors and such). Maybe you wouldn’t want another guy that also collects your stuff to come write on your blog. How about someone who has written a book about collecting Gas Pumps or whatever the collectible is? They would be thrilled to promote their book and you could let them link out to it and here is the bonus…wait for it. That author is going to let all of their friends and readers know that they did a guest post on your blog. Those friends and readers will most likely visit your blog to read what the Guest Poster had to say. They might take a look around your content, like what they see, and become a regular reader of your work, too.

Maybe you have found an artist that draws, paints, or sculpts things that pertain to your topic. Now, there would be a nice fit for a guest poster, don’t you think? Use your imagination and find people who share an interest in your topic and approach it in a slightly different manner. Their followers are exactly the targeted traffic that you are looking for. Keep in mind that their post will need to have relevance to your content and be something that your readers will find enjoyable.

Having a Guest come post on your blog is a very good way of getting new readers to your blog and keeping your existing readers interested enough to keep coming back.

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