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Last week I talked to you about starting a beginners blog on a multi-user platform to help generate blog traffic for your beginners blog. It really helped me in the beginning and I think it would benefit you with your new blog, too. So, what else did I do to get some traffic when my blog was brand new just out of the box?

AJ was kind enough to respond to my post last week and she brought up a good point. I picked a topic for that blog that was something that I was and still am very passionate about. What does that have to do with getting blog traffic? Actually, quite a lot. Because I am passionate about my topic I am able to continue to add content on a regular basis and that is very important in the beginning. Is it the passion or the adding content that is important? Both. The passion drives me to constantly be looking for new things to add to my blog. Adding content on a regular basis gives your new found audience something new to read and keeps them coming back to see what you have written about.

Without the passion for the topic it is difficult to keep your enthusiasm up. Trust me, if you loose your zeal for the topic your readers won’t take long to follow in your footsteps. Your personal connection to the topic will shine through in your writing of your posts and make people want to return to read more.

Adding new content on a regular basis also helps gain blog traffic. The search engines like Google love a blog that is updated often with new original content. It helps get you placed higher in the SERPS (search engine  result pages) when people are searching for keywords that are included in your post. How often should you add new content? There is no magic number, really. What I did was post something new every day for the first couple of months. I couldn’t keep that up for an extended period of time, but in the beginning,I feel it really helped get blog traffic by adding so much new content. I slowed down to three posts per week for the next few months and then finally settled in to a pattern of posting one post a week or four times per month. Back to that passion part…I haven’t run out of things to write about yet.

I just looked at my stats on my Native American Totems blog, as I was creating this week’s post. February of 2012 was my most successful month to date for blog traffic with over 7200 visits for the month. Can you see me doing the happy dance?

Join me next week as we continue to explore getting blog traffic for your beginners blog.

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