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We have spent the last few months answering questions about a Beginners Blog that my husband asked me as he contemplates beginning his own blog and now it is time to talk about ways to get traffic to that new blog.

Years ago I tried doing a blog or two that were standing all alone out in the blogosphere and I have to tell you they did not fair well. My topic was cool and it was a popular one but there was just so much competition out there that it was a rare thing if someone found me and my little blog. I had no clue how to go about getting that much needed traffic and hopefully readers that were interested in what I was writing about.

In 2009 I was working with a small group of people and the discussion was to start a blog using the tools that we had learned about keyword research, article writing, and general promotional techniques. A few of us, including myself and AJ, took the discussion seriously and started a brand new blog on a multi-user site.  I started what has become my first successful blog…Native American Totems. We are going to talk about the things that I did back then to get that blog generating traffic and how I have grown it since then.  The lowly little blog has grown to a readership of an average of 5,000+ readers each month and I make some nice money with it each month.

What was the first “right” thing I did? I put that blog on a multi-user site in the beginning. When you start your blog on a site like we have here at Writing Online you have the added advantage of a built in audience. The other members can see on the home page that you have written a new post and generally they are supportive enough to go read it and sometimes comment on it. Perhaps they like it so much that they share it with their friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.  Being on a multi-user site helps you with traffic in your early stages of blogging.

Join me next week as we continue our discussion on getting traffic for a Beginners Blog…


  1. Profile photo of AJ says

    I watched that blog grow with you Bev and the thing that stands out, is the fact that the topic you chose is one that has reall meaning for you. I am so pleased at how successful it has been for you and there’s a lot for all of us to learn from your experience.

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