Assessing My Goals For 2012

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Last week I took some time to assess my progress in the goals that I set for myself and writing for 2012. Some might think that it is a little early to be doing that, but I like to really study my progress each quarter. I keep an eye on things on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis but as a quarter ends, I like to take some time to really look at where I am at. That way if there are some tweaks that need to be done I won’t be caught unawares at year’s end.

I take my goal setting quite seriously. After all it is a map, of sorts, to my career of writing online. This is not a hobby for me but a way to add income for myself and my husband. Since I retired from my full time job at the end of 2011, writing is now my full time job. I am a planner and always have been so the setting of goals for my writing is a natural way for me to move forward. I, personally, would not get very far if I didn’t have a plan to follow.

I figured out a few years back that the more articles that I have online the more potential for income there is. So, for the year of 2012 I wanted to increase my income by making sure that I added to each platform that I write on. I wanted to keep these goals reasonable and attainable. It doesn’t do any good to set the bar so high that you get frustrated in lack of progress and just give up. So, I tried to be realistic when I sat down to make the goals for 2012.

My plan has been to write something for each day of the week. I want to have 350 lenses at Squidoo by year’s end, which means that I need to write 2 new lenses each week. As I looked at my progress last week, I am actually ahead of my goals for the year for that platform. What an encouraging piece of data that turned out to be for me!

I also planned to write one new article on Wizzley each week to get my presence better defined on that platform and to start to generate better income there. My research last week showed me that I haven’t fared as well with that goal. So now, I know that some better planning for writing on Wizzley is needed to catch up.

My plan for my blogs was to write one post each week. I have stuck to the plan better with my Native American blog but have fallen short on the Gifts From Grandma blog. I am not going to panic at this stage because I can post a few posts more for a while so that there is plenty of posts by the time the shopping season hits in September. That is more important for the Grandma blog than the Native blog because it is directed more to a buying public.

There is an addition to the writing plan since I made my goals at the end of the year because I have started writing on an additional platform. My tweaked plan will be to average one article there a week until the end of the year.

By taking some time to assess my progress, I can see that I could change my plan a little and still reach the goals that I have set for myself. Have you assessed your progress for this year’s goals, yet? It is a good time to do it so that if you need to make a few changes, you still have plenty of time to do just that.


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    My hubby is very much an analyst and he keeps nagging, oops I mean encouraging, me to analyse what I am earning each month and where I am earning it. I know what my goal is for the end of the year and I think I am on target, but without that analysis I won’t know, will I?

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