A Review Of The Writing Site Webnuggetz

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This week I would like to do a review of a relatively new website for authors to write articles on, Webnuggetz. I say relatively new because the site is less than a year old as I write this post. To be as young as it is, the site is already placing nicely in ranking in Google with a PR of 2.

The owner, ThomasC, and his team are working long hours to make sure that the site has quality authors writing original content for the site. As a new writer on Webnuggetz, I have been impressed with the personal communication from Thomas in particular. He took the time to welcome me but it didn’t stop there. He actually read my articles and pointed out that I had some broken links. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I believe that it is. First of all, he cares enough about his site to read each article to make sure that it hasn’t come from a spammer. Secondly, he sincerely wants his authors to have success with their articles and that is why he took the time to let me know that my links weren’t going anywhere. My mistake would not have taken any monies out of his pockets because of the way the site is set up for payment. He mentioned it anyway. That is over and above what we usually see from the owner of a site.

So, let’s talk about the revenue at Webnuggetz. Thomas does not take any cut out of the money you earn on your articles. Yes, you read that correctly. The money you make is all yours. He does place a couple of his own ads on each page but they are unobtrusive and do not interfere with your content. You can, and are encouraged, to us Adsense on each of your articles. You can also link to any affiliate companies that you work with, too. As an example of what you can make your page look like on Webnuggetz, take a look at one of my articles about Scarlet Fiesta Dinnerware.

I believe that Webnuggetz is a real up and comer and will continue to gain in popularity as time goes on. I also believe that none of us should put all of our eggs in one basket and should spread our writing online over a few good sites. One of the reasons that I believe Webnuggetz will be a good fit for many writers is that ThomasC is an experienced author on a few other popular sites and understands the needs of the authors along with the necessary maintenance of a multi-user site. If you are looking for a good, quality site to write on, give ThomasC and his site Webnuggetz a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Article Name
A Review Of The Writing Site Webnuggetz
This week I would like to do a review of a relatively new website for authors to write articles on, Webnuggetz.


  1. Profile photo of AJ says

    It looks like a few sites are growing at the moment that appear to be combining the “best bits” of sites like Squidoo and Hubpages, that are also learning from where the older sites may be going wrong.

    Maintaining a connection with the members is incredibly important and one that gets harder as a site grows. It certainly looks like Thomas and his team are working hard at “customer service” and doing a lot to make the “user experience” easy and enjoyable.

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