Writing Online: Finding Topics to Write About (That Don’t Do Your Head In!)

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If it is important for you to write in order to increase your income then, if you are like me and enjoy writing for pleasure, rather than writing for profit and necessity, then inevitably you will come to a point where you will think “Why am I doing this?”

I hit that brick wall on a regular basis and I have just hit it again.

I have tried everything. I write about topics I am passionate about: anti bullying and green issues, such as Natural Cleaning Recipes. I also write about products that I think will “take off” and make some money.

Sometimes I get lucky.

Our Summer Holiday last year involved four adults, two teens and a baby vacationing in a luxury apartment right on the beach in a beautiful part of England – all paid for by one Squidoo lens: Wii Draw. Sales went through the roof over November and December 2010. It still makes regular sales and is a nice little earner for me.

And it only takes one product page to really do well and result in some major income to make you think “I can do this!”

WRONG – well in my case anyway. I started looking for what I thought people were looking for. It did not matter if I had no real interest in the product. Afterall, do the research and you can write about anything, right?

Errr yes… but is it enjoyable? No! I can attest it most certainly is not – not for me anyway.

I am trying out an experiment on Squidoo. I am testing out a new keyword research tool, which I wrote about in my last post Checking Out Jaaxy – a New Keyword Research Tool. I set up a niche account. The niche was identified when using the keyword research tool. I am churning out new pages faster than I have ever done before. 15 pages in 17 days – unheard of for me.

I am using the keyword research tool to identify topics, within that niche, that will get traffic. Topics I would not normally write about, but topics that sell. And one of them has already sold. I can do this!

No, I most definitely canNOT. Well not for long anyway. Why? Because, to use a quaint English phrase, it is doing my head in.

I enjoy creating pages, so that is keeping me going. But if I do this for too long, my brain will go numb!!

So, what to do?

Well I am taking the advice of Paula and Bev and trying to find topics I can really relate to. I have two teenaged daughters – a huge potential market for me, so far untapped!! I have have two adult kids and I have a grand-daughter, with another grand-child on the way.

I have started to interrogate my family and I am making lists of our interests and the products we use, about which I can be genuinely enthusiatic and knowledgable.

This looks like a better way to go – at least for me anyway.

Errr….who is Taylor Lautner??

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