Introduction to Niche Marketing – a New Series

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Introducing a new series of posts on Writing Online about Niche Marketing.

If you are like me you arrived online wanting to try to make some money through writing. Various circumstances will have helped us to arrive at that decision.

Perhaps loss of a job through redundancy or illhealth? Needing to make extra income, in addition to your day job? Wanting to be a writer? Trying to fit in working around your family? Or maybe you just wanted to give it a go?

Whatever the reason, unless you already had some knowledge and experience of SEO, you were probably facing a steep learning curve.

I first started writing online, nearly four years ago this coming July. I had always wanted to be a writer and decided that, because my mobility had been affected by the onset of illness, this was the time to try my hand at writing. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about or what I needed to do to get traffic or indeed how I could generate an income. So I blundered along for awhile. I knew nothing about SEO and keyword research, but I got lucky. I wrote a few pages on Squidoo and a couple of those pages started getting traffic.

Those two pages were about problems of which I had personal experience and the solutions I found to deal with those problems.

Hold that thought, because it is important and we will discuss it in further detail in future posts.

It was not long before I started picking up on phrases like “niche Marketing”, “narrowing the niche” and “niche specific”. Gaining an understanding of what this “niche marketing lark” is all about is crucial if you not only want to get traffic, but also make sales.

So what IS Niche Marketing?

Putting it very simply, Niche Marketing is identifying a group of people (your Target Market) who have a very specific problem and providing a solution.

A Niche Marketer is someone who has identified the problem and offers a solution. In many cases the problem is resolved by the purchase of a product, either in the form of information to solve the problem, or a tangible product that will also solve the problem.

To give an example: my daughter was bullied at primary school. As a result I developed a vast range of knowledge about bullying and one of the first pages I ever published online was about that experience and what we did to resolve it.

Parents visiting that page are part of a group of people with the problem that their kids are being bullied. My page offers solutions in the form of information about the problem, the action we took, the legislation that exists about bullying and how we resolved the problems. The page also offers more solutions in the form of books about bullying.

Here’s another thought you need to hang on to: the fact that my daughter was bullied and that I was very active in getting the problem solved, makes me an Authority on the subject of school bullying.

To be perfectly honest, providing you know enough about how to research keywords, I have found that it is easy to get good traffic but converting that traffic to sales is another matter entirely.

In this series about Niche Marketing, we will look at how you can identify niches, what you need to consider and how you need to develop a certain mindset that will give you a chance of being more successful.

Next time we will discuss how to choose a niche.


  1. Profile photo of Bev Owens says

    I am really looking forward to this series on niche marketing. Although I have a bit of knowledge on the topic, I’m always willing to learn different techniques and new ways of doing things.

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