Site Scrapers And RSS Bandits: Automated Plagiarism

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Following on from his very helpful post last week, Plagiarised Text or Images – What To Do Guest Author Paul Ward explains How Site Scrapers and RSS Bandits can hurt us, even when they only duplicate a few links of our content. Site Scraping Along with the amateur who steals a page at a time, […]

Christmas is Over, Now What?!

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Everyone that I know who writes online looks forward to the Christmas shopping season as a time of year to make extra money to spend or save, but once Christmas is over, do you sit back and relax?  Or do jump right back on the bandwagon, and work just as hard in January and February […]

SEO is Alive And Kicking!! Not Dead – Just Evolved

It is not often that I get wound up these days by anything that anyone says, but in the last week or so I have seen assertions that “SEO is Dead” and “Don’t worry about keywords”. I got just a tad irritated because some of the people who are absorbing this “advice” are new to […]

Niche Marketing: Common Mistakes

Today, I would like to discuss some common mistakes made by people new to Niche Marketing. One of the biggest mistakes I see when people first start trying to market online, is that they just repeat what others are doing. Of course it makes sense to learn from the methods that others are successfully using […]

Writing Online is a Job, Maybe a Career, But Not a Scam


If you are starting out writing online, and you are writing online to make money, then I would like to give you one piece of advice that will make you successful.  Get ready, here it is: Writing Online is a JOB Yep, that is my biggest piece of advice.  Treat writing online as a job […]

Niche Marketing: Building Authority In Your Niche

In my last post in this series we discussed How to Start Choosing Your Niche and looked at how you need to think in order to come up with niche topics about which, not only can you write with authority, but how you can also keep writing over a long period of time. Now we […]

Niche Marketing – How To Start Choosing Your Niche

In my last post about Niche Marketing, How To Come Up With Ideas For A Niche, we discussed how establishing authority is crucial in order to establish trust. Simply – people have to trust what you are saying, in order to believe what you are saying and then they may just buy through your recommendations. […]