Accepting Change

Change Is Inevitable When writing on the web, we find that the overall environment is in a constant state of change. Accepting change can be difficult for many people. No one really looks forward to changes. We get comfortable in the way we approach our tasks and it is unsettling when suddenly the rules change […]

Beginners Blog Looking For Traffic

We have spent the last few months answering questions about a Beginners Blog that my husband asked me as he contemplates beginning his own blog and now it is time to talk about ways to get traffic to that new blog. Years ago I tried doing a blog or two that were standing all alone […]

Deleting a Blog and Repurposing the Content

I have just removed the automatic renewal for one of my domains and tomorrow one of my blogs will be no more. I am clearing out the clutter in my life both on and offline and you know what? It feels good! At first it was a hard decision to make. The blog was about […]

Plagiarism – What to do if your Content is Stolen

In my last post What is Plagiarism?, I outlined what constitutes content and image theft and how not to plagiarise. In this post I will give you some tips on what to do if you discover your content has been stolen from you, used without permission or presented as someone else’s thoughts and ideas. Sometimes […]

What is Plagiarism?

Dictionary Definition of plagiarise: “Publish borrowed thoughts as original; steal from thus”. Before the days of the internet, when we were at school or college we were taught that when we researched topics we had to write our essays in our own words and that it was essential to cite our sources. It was easy […]

Every Page Is A Landing Page

[We are delighted to be able to introduce PaulOnBooks to the members of Writing Online. Paul will be writing Guest Posts from time to time and although, as Paul says in the post, this article makes mention of modules on Squidoo, this advice applies no matter where you are writing and what tools you may […]

Why Do We Need to Write with Search Engines in Mind?

If you are going to write online whether you are writing for profit, or writing for influence, it is important to grasp how people find information on the internet. When people search for information online, they type in search terms into one of the many search engines that are available.  We most often hear about […]