Building a Microniche Blog – 17: More Keyword Research Tips

I make no apology for repeatedly mentioning keyword research. I strongly believe, if you are serious about getting traffic to any content, including your Blog, it is one of the most important tasks you MUST do and it is an ongoing one. You don’t just do your keyword research once, you keep on doing it […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 12: Categories, Keywords and Permalinks

Did you know that our Microniche Blog Categories and Page titles should be carefully researched keywords? Why? Because permalinks are an essential part of your SEO strategy and treating your categories like tags is crucial. Thanks to an excellent Word Press plugin Advanced Permalinks, you can include your category in the permalink for each blog […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 9: More about Keyword Research

Today I want to remind you of the importance of researching keywords and making sure they appear naturally in your headings and content and don’t forget to add them to your tags! I want to start by asking you a question. Are you blogging: To make money? Because you just want to write? To do […]