Site Scrapers And RSS Bandits: Automated Plagiarism

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Following on from his very helpful post last week, Plagiarised Text or Images – What To Do Guest Author Paul Ward explains How Site Scrapers and RSS Bandits can hurt us, even when they only duplicate a few links of our content. Site Scraping Along with the amateur who steals a page at a time, […]

Plagiarism is an Ongoing Problem for All Writers and Publishers

I just finished reading a very good article by Adam Penenberg on Fast Company about Amazon’s Plagiarism Problem.  Penenberg makes excellent points in his article, exposing just a few blatant plagiarists that are earning money on Amazon through their so-called “published works” which are really out and out, copy and pasted books stolen from other […]

Plagiarism – What to do if your Content is Stolen

In my last post What is Plagiarism?, I outlined what constitutes content and image theft and how not to plagiarise. In this post I will give you some tips on what to do if you discover your content has been stolen from you, used without permission or presented as someone else’s thoughts and ideas. Sometimes […]

What is Plagiarism?

Dictionary Definition of plagiarise: “Publish borrowed thoughts as original; steal from thus”. Before the days of the internet, when we were at school or college we were taught that when we researched topics we had to write our essays in our own words and that it was essential to cite our sources. It was easy […]

Copyright Infringement

Recently on my monthly slot on the Giant Squid Open Mike programme I do on Blog Talk Radio, we discussed Copyright. If there’s one issue that seems to confuse people it is where to get copyright free images and what images are legal to use. Most people seem to learn very quickly that copying huge […]