Niche Marketing: Niche Blogging

So far in this series on Niche Marketing, we have looked at establishing niches on free Publishing Platforms, like Wizzley, Hubpages and Squidoo and before we move onto Niche Blogging, let’s just remind ourselves why we can become successful fairly quickly on these sites. Our success will depend on having a basic understanding of Search […]

Writing for Profit: Is It Time To Break Free?

In a few days time I will have been using Squidoo for six years! It’s amazing to think that when I first started, my intention was simply to promote my genealogy websites and a small community that I had built. Today I am generating a not unreasonable amount of income from working in a variety […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 5: Points to remember about Link Wheels

When building Link Wheels as part of your SEO Strategy, always keep these points in mind: The links on the outer rim of the Link Wheel should be from quality sites with a good Google page rank Examples: Hubpages, Squidoo, Tumblr, EZine, Zimbio – this will help establish quality backlinks. All Links should travel in […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 4: My First Link Wheel


In previous posts I explained how I started to set up a Link Wheel as part of my SEO Strategy to promote a new micro-niche blog. I made a diagram of my first Link Wheel and it was very proud of what I accomplished in just nine days – from setting up and personalising a […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 3: A warning about Adsense

In my last post Building a Microniche Blog – 2: Developing a Link Wheel I discussed using Adsense on my micro-niche blog Year of the Tiger Tattoos and something my girls said to me at dinner one evening, got the alarm bells ringing. I was explaining how Adsense works and it did not take them […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 2: Developing a Link Wheel

In my introduction to Building a Microniche Blog, I explained the thinking behind the choice of Year of the Tiger Tattoos for my newest “microniche” blog. Within just a couple of days of being published it was getting traffic from the Search Engines! I scheduled a series of posts to appear over the following two […]

Building a Microniche Blog – 1: Introduction

In this series of posts I shall be documenting how I made a successful Microniche Blog that got good Google traffic and made sales. In early 2010 I was introduced to the concept of Link Wheels in order to create quality backlinks as part of a carefully planned SEO strategy for your sites, whether they […]