Increasing Your Earnings Per Job

Increasing Earning Per Job

I have recently started reading posts from the WriterAccess blog which is written by both staff and contract writers from the site. The most recent post, Graduating from Writing Press Releases for Pennies, resonated quite a bit with me, and I thought that I would talk about the concepts here. I do recommend that you […]

Where to Write Going Forward


Many online writers like myself started out writing on article sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages. These sites, which are now being referred to as sharecropper sites, are slowly being phased out to some extent as the Internet changes what is acceptable to write, and Google continues to expand the technology that seeks out and […]

June is the Time to Begin Your Christmas Sales

Most people do not start thinking about Christmas until November.  Some do not even think about it until December 15th.  However, I start thinking about Christmas in June every year, and that is because I am a retailer. June is also a great time to start thinking about how you are going to make money […]

Making the Sale: How to Increase Sales to My Affiliate Vendors

Making the Sale

I often hear comments about how impossible it is to earn money with affiliate vendors.  Those comments are usually from people who have tried to earn money through affiliates, and have not put in much effort, or people who do not understand that both quantity and quality are needed to earn. First off, it is […]

Making the Sale: How to Choose Vendors to Refer

Making the Sale

Choosing vendors or products to refer when you are an affiliate is not something that you should do on a whim.  This is a concept that I didn’t understand fully when I started affiliate marketing. Depending on what kind of set up you are using there are essentially two ways to link to products that […]

Making the Sale: How to Choose What to Sell

Making the Sale

If you have never been in sales before, and you want to make money by writing online, then I strongly recommend that you follow the steps in this post until you get very comfortable with the process of selling. New sales people do the best job selling something that they wholeheartedly believe in.  This is […]

Making the Sale: Let’s Be Honest About Making Money Online

Making the Sale

Let’s be honest and admit that we have become online writers and marketers in order to make some money.  After all, money is what pays our bills, feeds our family, and helps others when we donate it to a charity.  I have a daughter who has just started college, and we need to make sure […]

The Writing Online Team has had a break but plans are afoot….

The thing is with Writing Online, that for many of us it is all part of a juggling act and life can take over. Our priorities are constantly changing. There’s the need to manage our off-line lives, which generally include all or some of the following: raising a family, supporting our adult kids, looking after […]

The Debate Between Using Paid vs. Free WordPress Themes

If you would like to really create websites of your own using WordPress as the base, the first big question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to use the free WordPress themes that are available for download from WordPress or if you want to buy a paid for theme. Almost everyone in […]

How to Place Effective Advertising on WordPress Blogs

For those of you who are creating WordPress blogs, either as separate websites, or to promote your lenses, there is significant money to be made from Google Adsense.  Recently, the question has come up as to how to earn money from Adsense, and I will address that in this post. I have had a blog […]