Niche Marketing: Niche Blogging

So far in this series on Niche Marketing, we have looked at establishing niches on free Publishing Platforms, like Wizzley, Hubpages and Squidoo and before we move onto Niche Blogging, let’s just remind ourselves why we can become successful fairly quickly on these sites. Our success will depend on having a basic understanding of Search […]

Where Should Your Writing Income Generate From?

Should we expect to generate income from our online endeavors by writing focused content and converting visitors into buyers or should we count on systems that pay extra money if our content falls in a certain high ranking from in-house visitors, likes, and a sundry of other little popularity methods? To me the answer is […]

SEO is Alive And Kicking!! Not Dead – Just Evolved

It is not often that I get wound up these days by anything that anyone says, but in the last week or so I have seen assertions that “SEO is Dead” and “Don’t worry about keywords”. I got just a tad irritated because some of the people who are absorbing this “advice” are new to […]

Niche Marketing: Common Mistakes

Today, I would like to discuss some common mistakes made by people new to Niche Marketing. One of the biggest mistakes I see when people first start trying to market online, is that they just repeat what others are doing. Of course it makes sense to learn from the methods that others are successfully using […]

Networking – A Time Thief or Crucial?

As a result of my activities on Squidoo, I sometimes get contacted by members asking for help. Recently Emily wrote to me about Networking and asked: “With the forums and other Squidoo sharing websites, approximately how long does it take for your lenses to get noticed? Also, does being on all of these sharing websites […]

Niche Marketing – How to Come Up With Ideas For A Niche

In my first post about Niche Marketing, Introduction to Niche Marketing,  I discussed how I started writing online and that in order to find a good niche, ideally you need to write about topics with which you have personal experience AND those where you can develop a reputation as an authority on that topic. Today […]

Checking out Jaaxy – a New Keyword Research Tool

In the past few weeks within my Networks word has been filtering out,  about a new Keyword Research Tool: Jaaxy, which I am currently trying out. Users are really happy with how easy Jaaxy is to use but for me it is too early to say whether it works or not. I do most of my […]

Deleting a Blog and Repurposing the Content

I have just removed the automatic renewal for one of my domains and tomorrow one of my blogs will be no more. I am clearing out the clutter in my life both on and offline and you know what? It feels good! At first it was a hard decision to make. The blog was about […]

Making the Sale: How to Turn Traffic into Sales Conversions

Making the Sale

One of the concepts to learn in how to make the sale is the difference between traffic and conversions.  We can get all the traffic in the world, but if those people do not buy anything, then we will not make a commission. So the first thing to do is make sure that you are […]