Why I am NOT Pinterested!

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New networking sites pop up more regularly than toast from my Toaster. But unlike my toast where what you see is what you get, (hopefully toasted just right) new sites need some checking out. But how many of us carefully scroll through Terms and Conditions on a new site to check to see exactly what we are getting in to?

Like most people I am very busy these days. So if members of my Networks start enthusing about a new site, the temptation is to just jump in by signing up and join in. However, it is because I am so busy that I tend to lag behind and join the party way after everyone else. The main reason is that I am all too aware of how we can spend so much time networking on these sites and generally “chatting” that we leave very little time for actually “doing”.

Pinterest is the latest networking craze to sweep the Western World. See an image you like? Just pin it on your Pinboard at Pinterest. That way you can always go back to the site where you found it – it’s Bookmarking with Images.

You can have as many Pinboards as you like in your account. Make a board for each topic. It is easy to organise your images by categorizing them.

Even the BBC was talking about Pinterest yesterday morning on the radio. But while one “serial” Networker was enthusing about networking on Pinterest and in general and another was telling everyone what a “time thief” this networking lark can be, the BBC missed the opportunity to discuss the two biggest issue that I personally have with Pinterest – copyright violations and the permission we give Pinterest the minute we sign up.

With regard to the copyright violations, basically people are pinning my images, and images that do not belong to me but that I have permission to use, onto their pinboards at Pinterest.

Then did you know that by pinning an image, you are giving Pinterest permission to do what they like with the image? They can modify it, they can put whatever link they like on it and they can even sell it.

Last week I published a page on Squidoo: Not Pinterested, where I list the Pros and Cons of using Pinterest. For me, the Cons definitely outweight the Pros.

My page started out as a blog post I was going to publish on a Squidoo-related site that I regularly write for: Squidlog. I had done my usual first Tuesday in the month guest slot on a Blog Talk Radio Show and promised the listeners I would summarise everything I said about Pinterest and why I am not using it. Then I realised there was so much material that it would better be published as a Squidoo page, rather than on the blog.

I have to say I have been blown away by the messages I have received, both on the page and on Facebook, to say that after reading what I had to say about Pinterest, some people have deleted their accounts. Others are awaiting my response from Amazon to my question as to how they feel about product images being pinned.

Amazon are clear in their Terms of Service that their product images can only be used PROVIDING either the image and/or the relevant text link to the product page on Amazon. Pin an image onto Pinterest and the link goes back to page on which you found the image, thereby breaking Amazon’s Terms and Conditions.

As soon as I have an answer from Amazon I will let you know what they have to say.

But in the meantime, I am very pleased that two sites I use: Wizzley and Hubpages, have listened to the concerns of  their members and have given them the facility to “opt out” of having Pin It Buttons on their pages. Sadly, Squidoo does not appear to be following suit.

However on my Squidoo Page: Not Pinterested  I have added some polls and I am going to send the stats from the Polls to Squidoo HQ and see what they have to say about the issue.

You too can have your say about Pinterest on  Not Pinterested – you do not have to be a member of  Squidoo to take part.


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