Headings: A Prime Position For Keywords

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Headings on your online pages and articles offer a prime location for positioning your best keywords. But did you realise there’s a massive difference between devising the heading for “offline media” like a newspaper or magazine and a Squidoo lens, a Wizz, a Hubpage or pages on Zujava?

In my opinion, the most important consideration when thinking up a title is: how can I work my best keyword or phrase into the title AND make it look natural?

Take one of my Squidoo pages as an example: Hunger Games Clothes. Google traffic arrived within hours of the page being published and it made its first sale soon after. And this in one of the hottest and most competitive niches currently on the net!

Is Hunger Games Clothes a catchy title? No, it most definitely is not! But it is the exact phrase that many people are using to search for the products I am featuring. I am now on the first page of Google for that keyword, with a very good page ranking on Squidoo as well.

Moving down to the title of the introductory paragraph, I have livened up the heading a bit with Some of the Best Hunger Games Clothes!. No one sees that until they are already on the page and I bet anyone landing on that page is already scrolling down to see what I am offering. I am sure that if you asked them, no one could not tell you what the intro heading is, unless they went back and checked.

Is Hunger Games Clothes a boring page title? Well, yes, it would be if I was trying to get someone to buy a magazine.

Do I care if the page title is boring? No, I certainly don’t. The title is doing exactly the job I want it to – it is getting traffic and it is converting to sales.

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