Checking out Jaaxy – a New Keyword Research Tool

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In the past few weeks within my Networks word has been filtering out,  about a new Keyword Research Tool: Jaaxy, which I am currently trying out. Users are really happy with how easy Jaaxy is to use but for me it is too early to say whether it works or not.

I do most of my publishing on two revenue share platforms: Squidoo and Wizzley. I have written a few articles about how I do Keyword Research on both these sites.  However, in order to try out Jaaxy, I have set up a brand new account on Squidoo, for a niche I discovered on Jaaxy.

I am not promoting any pages made on that account within the Squidoo Community. I am doing this to make sure the pages do not get “artificial” boosts through visits and “likes” from Squidoo members who know me. I want to see how well the pages will do based on keyword research solely through Jaaxy, writing original content based on those keywords and some backlinking. I have resisted the temptation to check out those keywords on the free Google Keyword Research tool and another paid tool I use: Market Samurai.

My first impression of Jaaxy is that yes, it really is easy to research keywords, but I am still thinking that users will need to develop some awareness of SEO and how keyword research works, in order to be able to utilise it effectively. The Jaaxy interface is simpler than Market Samurai and the screen seems cleaner and less cluttered, but if you are prepared to watch the Market Samurai training videos, then it does not take long to get an idea of how to use it properly.

So far I have published 12 pages on the new Squidoo account since February 03 and progress is slow on most of them. I am building the backlinks gradually, so that it looks natural to Google but I have to be honest and say traffic is not exactly flooding in.

However, a page I published on February 07, that I thought would be difficult to get traffic to, because it is in a high competition niche, is starting to get Search Engine traffic. The keywords I am using have allowed me to narrow down this competitive niche and a check on Google for one of the key words showed it on Page 2 out of 11,700,000 competing pages!

As I said, it is far too early to make a proper assessment of whether I think Jaaxy will work for me or not. I anticipate that I will have to run this experiment for 3 to 6 months in order to be able to draw some worthwhile conclusions, but I will update you on my progress – or lack of – from time to time.

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Checking out Jaaxy - a New Keyword Research Tool
In the past few weeks within my Networks word has been filtering out, about a new Keyword Research Tool: Jaaxy

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