Traffic, Sales, and Conversions

Selling at an art show

We, in the online writing community, often talk about driving traffic to our websites and blogs, however when I was checking my stats this morning, I had an epiphany, which led me to write this post. I have talked before about the fact that traffic alone is not the only thing you need to get […]

Making the Sale: How to Increase Sales to My Affiliate Vendors

Making the Sale

I often hear comments about how impossible it is to earn money with affiliate vendors.  Those comments are usually from people who have tried to earn money through affiliates, and have not put in much effort, or people who do not understand that both quantity and quality are needed to earn. First off, it is […]

Making the Sale: Building on Your Existing Success

Making the Sale

Once you have found success selling an item, category of items, or a service, then the best way to solidify that success is to broaden the scope. For instance, if you have found success in the niche of selling vintage dining room chairs, then you can broaden the scope in a few ways.  You can […]

Making the Sale: Obstacles to Success

Making the Sale

Most successful business people can tell you that there are many obstacles to success.  This is true for all aspects of business, but since sales are what generate the income for most businesses, obstacles that get in the way of making sales are extremely frustrating and disheartening. What you need to understand is that to […]

Making the Sale: Why Should a Customer Buy from You?

Making the Sale

Do you ever consider the question of why should a customer buy from you (as opposed to someone else)? This is actually quite a crucial question in sales. For instance, there is almost no one in the world who sells something that no one else in the world sells.  Therefore, when you are selling, you […]

Making the Sale: Why Am I Not Getting Any Sales?

Making the Sale

One of the questions that I hear the most from would be online marketers is “Why am I not getting any sales?” The short answer to that question is that they are either not working hard enough to get the sale, or they are not following the proper steps to present and promote the sale. […]

Making the Sale: How to Turn Traffic into Sales Conversions

Making the Sale

One of the concepts to learn in how to make the sale is the difference between traffic and conversions.  We can get all the traffic in the world, but if those people do not buy anything, then we will not make a commission. So the first thing to do is make sure that you are […]

Making the Sale: How to Choose Vendors to Refer

Making the Sale

Choosing vendors or products to refer when you are an affiliate is not something that you should do on a whim.  This is a concept that I didn’t understand fully when I started affiliate marketing. Depending on what kind of set up you are using there are essentially two ways to link to products that […]

Making the Sale: How to Choose What to Sell

Making the Sale

If you have never been in sales before, and you want to make money by writing online, then I strongly recommend that you follow the steps in this post until you get very comfortable with the process of selling. New sales people do the best job selling something that they wholeheartedly believe in.  This is […]